All served with fresh salad & mint dip

  • Grill Chicken
    On the bone chicken marinated in tandoori sauce, placed on a skewer and cooked on the tandoor. £3.95
  • Chicken Tikka
    Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in a special tandoori sauce placed on a skewer & cooked in a tandoor. £3.95
  • Chicken Puri
    Deep fried unleavened bread filled with specially prepared chicken. £3.95
  • Chicken Chaat
    Chicken cooked with chopped onions with chopped cucumber, tomatoes & fresh coriander. £3.95
  • Chicken Pakora £3.95
  • Chicken Tikka Paneer
    Pieces of chicken garnished in melted cheese served with fried onions & topped with coriander. £4.25
  • Crispy Wings
    Marinated in a zesty ginger & garlic base, fused with our Chef's special selection of spices.£3.95
  • Mixed Kebab
    A combination of seekh kebab, chicken tikka & onion bhaji served with fried onions. £4.50
  • Boti Kebab
    Marinated pieces of lamb cooked with onions, tomatoes & garnished with tandoori sauce & almonds. £3.95
  • Chicken Seekh Kebab
    Spiced minced chicken with herbs & special spices cooked in a clay oven served with fried onions. £3.95
  • Lamb Tikka
    Pieces of lamb marinated in a tender sauce with a hint of garlic served with fried onions. £4.50
  • Lamb Chops Starter £5.50
  • Lamb Puri £4.50
  • Hot Meat
    Pieces of tender lamb prepared in hot indian spices £3.95
  • Fish Tikka Starter £4.50
  • Fish Pakora £4.50
  • Scallops (Indian Style) £5.95
  • Prawn Puri
    Deep fried unleavened bread filled with specially prepared prawns £4.50
  • Prawn Cocktail
    Prawns served with fresh salad & cocktail sauce £4.50
  • Grilled King Prawn
    Marinated in a tandoori sauce & cooked in a tandoor served with fried onions & green peppers £6.95
  • Lamb Seekh Kebab Starter
    Spiced minced lamb with herbs & special spices cooked in a clay oven served with fried onions £4.50
  • Chapli Kebab Starter
    Lamb mince cooked on the grill with onions, ajwain, coriander & special fresh spices £4.50


Vegetarian Starters


  • Onion Bhaji
    Deep fried fritter filled with onions, gram flour & plenty of spices well prepared for excellent taste served with fried onions. £3.20
  • Vegetable Samosa
    Triangular deep fried patties filled with vegetables & served with fried onions. £3.20
  • Papri Chaat
    A popular Pakistani street food dish combining chickpeas & spicy potatoes served with our tangy in-house tamarind sauce. £3.20
  • Garlic Mushrooms
    Deep fried mushrooms cooked with garlic, a very popular vegetarian dish. £3.20
  • Chana Puri £3.20
  • Vegetable Puri £3.20
  • Mushroom Paneer Puri £3.20
  • Vegetable Pakora £3.20